Thursday, September 6, 2012

Interior Design Nightmares and the woman who create them

I know what you're thinking- you LOVE what we've done with the place.  Decorating is not really my thing- but this time I think I've hit the nail on the head.  Bringing in the 15 foot scaffolding was a bit of a gamble, but I think it adds a bit of hominess. 
The reality is, last June my husband began the process of closing off the window from the upstairs playroom to our living area.  Thus making the play room, allyson's personal bedroom.  All three of our children officially have their own bedrooms now.
And once the drywall was hung and kind of in place- all progress stopped.
So for 3 months our living room has had dry wall dust and a half finished wall.......classy.

This week, Dan has begun trying to finish it up.

And it is a long process, I'm here to tell you.  We can't even use the living room right now- which is cool since we all have our own space we can escape to.

My largest concern is that I need to make a decision on paint. 
When we bought this house, I spent hours and hours and hours with tiny paint samples, colorful cards and magazines to select the perfect colors for our entire house.
And then we proceeded to paint every room elephant gray.
Yes- I managed to pick a different shade of gray for
You see this is not a gift, right?

So now, for almost a year, I've begun the process of picking a new perfect color for our living space (which includes the hallway, entry way and the kitchen- it's a commitment dude).
Apparently I'm leaning toward browns.  I thought I was last time too when everything turned gray instead.
I have a friend who randomly paints walls, furniture, children- it always turns out beautiful.  Then, a few months later, she does it again.  She says it's JUST paint.


I really need whatever I pick out, to really love it.  I just need to LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
I can't paint all of this again if I manage to pick some lamo horrible color.

I need help.  Or I need to at least paint the scaffolding if it's going to be a permanent part of our home.


Sarah said...

You could paint that top part above the trim one shade and the bottom part into the hall a second lighter shade. Then you got a little bit of each color and would give you a pretty contrast! I know...another option just what you needed, huh?! Good luck on your decision making; I am sure it will be beautiful.

Mynde said...

Oh heavens Sarah!!!! I'm much too indecisive for THAT! Although if you would be so kind as to just tell me the names of the paint colors I should use- i'll just go buy them ;0)

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