Monday, August 13, 2012

My husband acts like he knows EVERYTHING

Dan and I have different views on a lot of stuff.

Mine mostly switch back and forth all the time depending on my mood, the moon cycle, and how much coffee I've had.

Sometimes I'm easy going and laid back.  Sure- drag every single toy we own out in the yard and spread it all over.  Sure- draw all over my van with sidewalk chalk, it will wash.  Sure- dig up a giant hole to drive your monster trucks in and discard the mountain of dirt wherever you want.

Sometimes I'm not.  But really, what mom isn't?

But for the most part if it gets the kids outside working off some sillies- I say go for it.  Just please, for the love of pete, DON'T BREAK ANY MORE BONES.

That being said- I am in favor of the slip and slide.  My husband, he says it will kill the grass.  As if leaving the slip and slide in the yard for two measley days will kill the grass.  Peeshaw (do people say that anymore? or did they stop saying that when I was in high school?  if so- I say bring it back.  It's a highly useful term). 

Regardless-The grass most certainly will not die from just a couple days of high plastic usage.  Lighten up Dan.
Well- I'm off to look for some fast growing grass seed.  Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

You always were a child who had to learn by doing:) Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey now I've got it figured out -- it will take my posts with no problem if I just check 'anonymous'. From now on, anonymous will be me -- Mom:) (I'm going to try it again)

Anonymous said...

Yep, works like magic!! Happy day!