Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Don't order soup if you want a sandwich

It has taken me every ounce of my 37 years to realize things about other people.

Some people are calloused.

Some people will not ever hold their tongue to spare someone elses feelings.  Nor will they every realize that I hold mine to spare theirs.

Some people will judge you, constantly and repeatedly.  Regardless of what they say to you, or how they act, they are judging you and in their head they think they are right.

Some people act like they are close to God, when in reality they are so very far from Him.

Some people just want to hurt.  They have no desire, ever, to care or love.  They just take a satisfaction in hurting someone else.

I have always assumed that there is good in people.  That ALL people were thinking of others feelings, so if they went out of their way to say something mean to me then it MUST be a huge issue and they just had to share it.  But now I see that some people just share the mean stuff all the time, regardless.

I am accepting of other people.  I have friends of all types, and I love them (sincerely) for the people that they are and who God created them to be.  I am also very sensitive, and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Sometimes people will change their directions just to squish it.

People can be jerks.  No matter how much forgiveness I try to seek, they still are.

I'm so thankful I married a genuinely kind and loving man- he takes me for the woman the Lord created me to be and he never once makes me feel like it's not enough.  Thank you Dan.

And thank you God.  For you do the same.


The Smiling Mommy said...

I love your post. I see alot of similarities in us. I have such a heavy heart for some of the mean things people have said and done. Especially to my children. The one thing that makes them less effective is the really genuine beautiful people in the world, like you. Hugs and Smiles! Amy

Mynde said...

I so appreciate your kind words! And your smiles!