Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Hot Mess

I just threw the kids out the door to school.

Yes- threw.

The bus comes earlier every day.  Which is really frustrating when you are the mom of a child who refuses to do anything quickly.

Ally is getting up easily this year and stays focused.  Most days shes ready in time to actually have to wait for the bus.  And Sam- he is like a rocket.  I never expected his mornings to be so easy, but man am I grateful. 

Grateful because Emily- well she is NOT like a rocket.  It takes that child twice as long to do anything.  And she pushes the limits when it comes to time.  This morning she was one bite into her breakfast and in her bedroom trying to find shoes when the bus came, 10 minutes early.

It creates stress in my mom heart.  I can't handle it.

Not to mention she was wearing these atrocious shorts covered in neon peace signs, love and doodles- her baseball jersey from two years ago- and a pair of tennis shoes that have seen their better days.  And she didn't even have them on, she had just slipped her feet into them and was shuffling down the drive.

Would a good mom have let her stumble into her world like that?  Man, I just don't know.  But it's what I did.

Each day this week seems busier than the one before- and I feel like we're ALREADY hanging by a thread.  Time for this mom to get an organized plan together for our lives instead of letting them just happen.

Today- help clean my mother in laws new condo, home for a quick shower, lunch with sam, lunch with emily, work for a couple hours, home to gather kids off the bus, try to do a couple loads of laundry and whip up some supper before it's time to leave for a girl scout event for emily and softball practice for ally.  Oh- and Dan has to go back to work at his moms tonight, so apparently all the evening stuff is on me.

I would cry but there is not time.  I'm just feeling s t r e t c h e d too thin and about to snap!

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