Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A (very) late Christmas update

How could I not possibly share the beautiful Christmas morning we had?  I know it's late- but here it is anyway.  I've been struggling with all of the horribleness that seems to be filling the lives of folks I love- but Christmas Eve morning from the instant my eyes opened I had JOY- lots of it.  I felt like a child- so excited for the upcoming Santa visit, for the celebration of Jesus, for the hours of family visits that were was a blessing and I am so thankful for such a wonderful wonderful Christmas.

 Notice Rosie?  She was so curious as to what in the heck was going on.
 When Sam woke up he said 'come on, lets go see my new bike'.  Boy was I glad there happened to be a new bike for him to go see!
 Emily's number one request was a doodle bear.  #2? La La Loopsy Silly Hair.  Her mamaw was so excited to buy that for her- but I must say I noticed Emily kind of looking around all monrning at our house and it broke my heart.  She never said anything, even when I asked, but I think she was wondering why it didn't come.  Later that afternoon she got to unwrap it at her Aunts house- and then I felt relief.  Oh- and that big chicken thing?  She just NEEDED it.

 Emily opening her mood ring that I spent HOURS shopping for online.  She loves it.
 Allyson's big deal item this year was an Ipod Touch.  Many of her friends have had one for years and she has in fact been asking for one for so long (3 years ish) that she didn't even ask for it this year because she assumed she wouldn't get one.  We figured at 12 she's probably ready for the responsibility.  And since her list for christmas contained NO toys and just a few clothes she wanted- it seemed like the right time. 

I am so very thankful for such a wonderful morning with my family.  I absolutely was alive with excitement to see the kids enjoy such a great morning that showered them with lots and lots of special gifts.

Now- I need to find the energy to tidy up this house and put all of the special gifts in a place. Otherwise I'm going to go stark raving mad.

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