Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is it HOT in here?

So, you remember when we took the stray dog into our home this past Fall, right?  And being a stray and all we were unsure of her age, imminuzations, and basically everything else that you are supposed to know about your pet.  Including her nether regions- if you know what I'm saying.

Even the vet was unsure because she could feel a scar in her belly.  She said we would just wait and see if she went into heat.  Or slice her open and take a looksy.  We chose the first option.
And then 'we' completely forgot about it.

Friday I sent the dog to a friends house for Emilys sleep over.  She's too unpredictible with running screaming kids.  And she loves our friends dog.  So it was a win win.  Until my friend began finding drops of blood.

See- she was confused as to if she had 'become a woman' or if she'd hurt her paw because she could see blood on her nails.  Which wasn't really blood- that was fingernail polish- duh.    My friend can be so silly and unappreciative of a good canine manicure.

Turns out Rosie has gotten her gift. And she is not happy about it.

 Here she is in her brand spankin new pair of "Flashy Pants".  These she was able to escape out of in 3.2 seconds all 12 times.  Plus having to chase her down and hold her in between my knees to tie the sides created a bit of an inconvenience for me.  So we decided to pick another route.
 Childrens underwear.  We started with a nice pair of Emilys purple gingham but they were a tad large.  So we had to try Sam's of course.  The funnest part I think was listening to Dan try and fish her tail through the pee pee hole.  Lord help me that was hysterical.  Turns out she wasn't a fan of having her tail bent and twisted- so I just cut a hole.  Sam has pointed out that he is not wearing them again- I keep saying it's just a little hole and it might come in handy should he grow a tail.  Sheesh- such a baby.
 Being the escape artist that she is- she could shake off those batmans too.  So I turned to girls hosiery- which is fitting the bill just fine.  Rosie is so not happy.  So.Not.Happy.  Plus I keep getting the pads stuck to her fur which makes her walk funny- I really am trying not to but it's dang near impossible to properly attach pads with wings to a four legged animal while chasing them around the living room.  I keep inquiring as to doggie tampons- but apparently there are no such items.  Not that I would be brave enough to try THAT either.

Basically I think she is just humiliated. My poor Rosie Rose, who is on the verge of having every male dog in the neighborhood come unglued.  I'm thinking she is embarrassed by her newfound womanly present.  And her underwear.  It's the best we've got girl, until I can get my patent for doggie flashy pants with suspenders- this is all we've got.

On another note- when I called Dan at work on Saturday to tell him our dog had gone into freakin' heat (yes- I called him at WORK to tell him this) he promptly replied "No she didn't".  I quickly told him that she absolutely did.  To which he replied if she was in heat she would be swollen.  I found myself looking around to see if he was here- like looking through a window or something.  I'm no dog who-ha expert, like he apparently is, but I'm pretty sure I know what a dog in heat looks like- which isn't pretty let me tell you.  At least I think I do, since this is the first time and all.  At least I know a good doggie pedicure when I see one.


Halala Mama said...

Tell Dan that there are male Rottweilers hanging from the patio which means YES THE DOG HAS GONE INTO HEAT.

Dan said...

Are there any takers to be our doggy sitter for a few weeks, preferably away from male k9

Andrew william said...

very nice and awesome