Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Great to be Eight!

This weekend was Emily's birthday.  It involved a slumber party, friends, presents, cake and a fun family day to celebrate our super favorite 7 8 year old. 
I can bet you cold hard cash that when my mother carefully selected and wrapped that Crystal Champagne Flute along with our other wedding crystal she would have never in her wildest dreams imagined it filled with sour straws for a group of giggling girls.  Man has my world changed over the past 15 years.

 This was just minutes, possibly even seconds, before two bottles of fingernail polish got spilled on the carpet.  The one in yellow- she convinced me to let the girls paint each others nails because 'she was super good at it'.  The tableclothe and my carpet beg to differ.
 Although my manicure turned out wonderfully.

 Sam struggled with why no one really wanted to play legos with him.  But everyone had fun once we got Just Dance on- even the big one.

 On her actual birthday Emi was treated to lunch at Incredible Pizza, an ear piercing, build a bear and family game night.  It was a perfect day to celebrate with her.

I can not begin to think what my world would have been like had this child not been born to me.  Thank you Emily for being my daughter.

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Andrew william said...

you enjoy happy birthday