Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A day made for celebratin'

 What a super fun birthday Sam had!  That morning his mamaw visited and brought a special gift that kept him busy all day.
 When his dad got home we opened gifts and went to Chucke Cheese (I don't recommend this).

Then a super fun cousin sleep over.

And the next day was his lego party with his friends from school.
 Which involved a group of kindergarten boys coming to our home.  I'll have you know that in years past special shopping expeditions have taken place to pick the perfect party outfit for my other two children.  Maybe even special shoes.  Sam threw on a transformer t-shirt, a pair of stretchy pants and he was ready.
 Boy parties are not girl parties.  This information is invaluable, trust me.  Not a single person showed up in a party dress.  Or a princess gown.  Or high heels.  Not one.
 Plus- boys don't whine, squeal, or really talk much.  They all came into the house and they disappeared into Sams room and I didn't see them again.  In fact, it was so quiet that I kept checking on them.  They were just playing their little hearts out.
 And then we played a game.  They each had to build a car out of legos and race them.  Which was not like painting their nails or doing their hair. And it was not like painting flowers on canvas bags.  In fact- it wasn't really arts and crafts at all.  And when we had the first trial race and their cars burst apart- I was prepared for crying and hysteria (see girl party outcomes of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011) but they just gathered the pieces and put them back together and added supports and cross bars and more legos.  Some of them even exclaimed 'cool' as their hard work burst into pieces.
 And when I served cake on crystal plates with matching tea cups- not a one of them was impressed.  In fact, I'm not even sure they noticed.
 And there was not a single solitary polly pocket, barbie or zooble to be found in the pile of presents that they brought.  No Justin Bieber wrapping paper, no pink bows.  But these arrow shooting, transforming, wheeled gifts did bring forth a few squeals from my little man.
I will not point out which one of these boys has called our home every.single.day since he received his party invitation.  Mostly he called just to tell me how many more days until the party.  Or that he had bought a gift.  Or that he had wrapped it.  Or to ask what Sam was doing.  And on the day before the party, he called like 8 times.  It was so sweet I thought I could die.  But should it have continued after the party?  A change of phone number may have been required.

Emily was my right hand girl helping to serve these young men, refill drinks, assist with lego car repairs and scooping the ice cream.  Allyson never even came out of her room.  I could have really used some additional girl back up.

All in all- success.  I'm pretty sure I need to step it up a notch next year. Maybe some gross green goo drink, bug snacks or fake vomit. For the most part they kind of looked at me like a kook when I suggested stopping playing to have some lego looking pizza and for not having a pinata for them to beat on with sticks.  Live and learn.


Pennie said...

Wish I had had you for a Mom when I was growing up. You are making memories with them that cannot be replaced. Micken: what a great Mom you are!

Mynde said...

Miss Pennie- you have no idea how special your kind words are to me. Most days I feel like these kids got robbed by being issued me as their mom. I appreciate the encouragement. Love you.