Friday, January 6, 2012

Six whole years

Dearest Sammy,
 We didn't even know that we were missing you until you were here.
 You completed our family- you made us whole- you make us the Goble 5.
 You are an amazing little person whom we all enjoy having in our family, even Emily (regardless of what she says and how much you two bicker- the times you build forts, rally to sleep together and play house far outweigh the horrible arguments you two strike up).
 We are so excited for you to have your super special sixth birthday today and we hope that you enjoy your special cake, your birthday balloons, and the surprises we have wrapped up for you.

Always remember what a phenomenal part of our family you are.  I would have never been complete had I not been your mother (same goes for your sisters- you guys are the best parts of my whole life).
Live it up big guy!  Today is your day.  And tomorrow when you have your party.  And Sunday when we will undoubtedly still be celebrating your birthday.  Plus next week when you are star student at school.
Happy Birthday Week!

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