Friday, January 13, 2012


Who in their right mind schedules their second graders very first slumber party on Friday the 13th?

That would be me.

The same one who has yet to even begin the party preparations.  Preparations being cleaning my dirty,messy,overly lived in home and baking a hot air balloon cake requested by the birthday girl herself.

But I have purchased the ice cream and streamers- so I say that counts for something.

Most of these little girls have never been to a slumber party- so I hope to not disappoint too much.  I also hope that the fall out ratio is low- you know, the ones who chicken out and can't spend the night away from home.  Most have been brave when I have spoken with them but have secretly told their moms that they might not want to spend the whole night.  We'll see how that shakes out.  I might bribe them with candy.

Better go get busy- birthday party #2 for January is in need of my attention!

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