Thursday, January 5, 2012

All Kinds of Excitement

Tomorrow is Sams birthday.  He is expecting big exciting things.  Balloons.  Streamers.  Presents.  Cake.  None of which have been purchased or prepared.  His most exciting event tomorrow- his cousin is spending the night.  He is so excited.  I am too, because he is.

Two days from now his kindergarten buddies are coming over to the house for a lego party.  I'm not much prepared for this either.  See- I was up late making Emilys birthday invitations, so there wasn't a lot of time to sort legos for games or fill treat bags with yet to be purchased treats.  Because her big day is just 10 days after Sams.   And they both fall right after Christmas.  Which means I've been running full steam ahead for weeks now. 

This week, I have been all green drainagey.  Which has made me soooo tired.  And although I've been trying to keep up, I'm afraid I am falling behind.  The point here is that my house HAS to be cleaned.  As in really cleaned, not just wipe the toothpaste out of the sink cleaned or spray air freshner cleaned.  And although I know this, I can't seem to force myself to do it- because it is a disaster.

Yesterday, I declared a one hour family cleaning time.  The kids were THRILLED.  But in that hour they put all of their random scattered belongings back in their rooms AND we took down all of the Christmas decorations.  It was a miracle I tell you, a christmas decoration miracle.  The only thing left to do is get Mary and Joseph (as well as baby Jesus) and their good friend frosty the inflated snowman off the front lawn and we are all set.  Which may or may not happen- but I'm good with that.

Today.  Today is tear this house up day where I clean clean clean, purchase and wrap presents, finish party preparations, and bake a cake.  In addition I need to work at my actual JOB for a few hours and catch the laundry up before I am forced to wear bedsheets and pretend they are togas.  Although a toga lego party might not be a bad idea?

But see- there is a flaw in my plan.  When I popped my eyes open this morning, only one of them acutally opened.  You got it.  Pink Eye.  And my chest feels like there is an elephant on it.  And my head hurts like it's going to burst because it's full of green goo.  So I've made an appointment to see the doctor.  And while I'm at the pharmacy getting whatever she prescribes to make my eye not pink anymore, I'm going to buy Vodka.  Because it's going to be a longgggg day- and that is going to come in handy.  Plus- maybe it will kill these germs that have taken residence in my being.

On a side note (this is like a P.S. here folks)- over a week ago I ordered silicone lego shaped candy molds off Ebay.  Who in their right mind gets all crafty creative when they are coming in off Christmas and crash landing into birthday land?  Me, apparently.  The big news here is that THEY ARE STILL NOT HERE!  IF they come today, I will have 24 hours to make chocolate lego suckers AND lego shaped crayons.  As if that is going to happen.  Why oh why oh why oh why do I think I am some Martha Stewart knock off and get all creative only to completely fail and ruin any kind of crafty rules that there are in this world???????

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