Thursday, June 14, 2012

Safe and Secure

Am I the only one who dang near breaks out into a SWEAT when trying to create an online account these days?  When in the holy heck did we become so secure?

Please enter a user name.

crazy_days_I'm_a_nut  @

Sorry- you can not use any special characters.


Sorry- that user name is taken.


Sorry- that user name is not strong enough.  You must use at least 1 numeral.


Sorry- at least 1 letter must be capitalized


Sorry- that user name is taken



Now- please enter a password


Sorry- that is not strong enough


Sorry- you must use numbers and letters



Now- for your safety- please answer these 47 security questions

What was your first car?

Oh heck- do I put Honda CRX, or just CRX?  Or do I put crx, or Crx.  And once I do this, how will I EVER remember if I put Honda CRX or just CRX, or crx, or Crx.

Who was your best friend growing up?

Yeah right- like I'm going to confirm this forever on the internets.  Then if I put Amanda, Patty will be hurt, or if I put Patty, then Carrie will wonder why not her.  And what if I do put Carrie, then I forget and think it's Amanda?

Childhood Pet?

We had several.  How could I ever remember which one to put as the ONE?  Then when I inadvertantly enter the wrong one on whatever security test they have planned- they will block me out after entering three wrong names.  Oh the pressure.........

Highschool where you graduated?

Again- do I put Warren?  Warren Central?  Warren Central HS?  Warren Central High School?  Then if I put Warren Central High School- will I EVER remember that and not just put Warren?

44 questions later- a whole lot of sweat and stress- three notebooks filled where I try to remember the answers to my own dang security questions.......

CONGRATULATIONS!  You are now logged in to Chucke Cheese. com!  You may now access your 3 free token coupon.


The Smiling Mommy said...

LOL!!!! Oh girl that was so hilarious!! I could relate to absolutely every thing you said there!! It is truly ridiculous! You think we had unique names, I use fooferann for mostly all of my usernames, and lately that has been taken! So weird! I think it's someone on the other side just messing with us!! LOL Hope you have a beautiful day!! Hugs! Amy

Halala Mama said...

I wouldn't even try to remember all that. I would just slam my face on the keyboard every time I needed a new log in. Surely that can get you the right combo of capitals, numbers, and regular characters?