Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's all a blurrrrrrrrr.............

The past seven pictures (really bad pictures- most from my're welcome)

 First I sent my girls off to Church Camp with just their dad and baby brother while I proceeded to work 16 hour days and cry because my girls were too far away from their momma.

 Mind you- it is by far one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth.  But still- over two.hours.away.

 And while they were there, I spent any spare moment I had worrying and praying that they were having a wonderful week full of great life long memories.
 Which they did.
 Both of them.  They both had a wonderful week and I am so very thankful.
 This was Allysons 5th year going to this camp............amazing how quickly time moves.
 This is my work.  My office.  My job.  Simply amazing.
 Emily brought home lots of beautiful treasures.
 They all grew facial hair.

 The air show happened.
 Every tent.  Every credential.  Every parking tag.  Every picture in the program. Every ticket.  Every persons shoe laces.  I touched them all.
 And by being so involved in the details, sometimes I loose sight of how very cool this event is.  Which it is.  Mind you- I don't DO it all, there is a committee of THE most amazing people who make this show possible.  I just do the grunt work : )
 Smokey bear's waistline.  60 inches- in case you can't read it.

 How cool are they?  If only that silly Thunderbird lady wouldn't have jumped in and ruined my picture.
 Sam and the famous 'Mr. Denny'.  Sam gets to ride shotgun in bobcats, tractors and mules while thinking he is a big shot thanks to this man.

And then we all collapsed from exhaustion.  Except the kids.  They are still pulling on my arms and legs asking for 300 friends to come over, if they can have a lemonade stand and wanting to know if I will take them to various fun yet exhausting places.  And what's for dinner. 

I'm still unconscious for the most part.  And grouchy.

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The Smiling Mommy said...

Wow! Sounds busy, but really awesome!! I hope the rest of your week proves eventless so you can catch up! I feel that way too when my children are far away, it's a hard feeling to explain but you've done so very well! Your pictures are awesome! You have such a beautiful family!!

Hugs! Amy