Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Camp

Five very short, yet very long, years ago- we dropped Ally off for her very first week of church camp.

And today?  Emily.

Dan and our children just left our driveway to take Ally and Emily for a whole entire week at the same church camp Allyson has been attending since she was 8 years old.  I suppose I have gotten just a smidge used to it- although our home just doesn't seem 'right' without her here.

But now Emily too?  That sweet little girl has been dreaming of this moment since last summer when we realized she would be eligible to go this year.  Her bag has been neatly packed with all of her clothes, pajamas, three swimsuits, bugspray labeled with her name in sharpie, a brand new bible and one stuffed animal neatly tucked in the side zipper of her bag- just in case she needs him.

Would you think I was stupid if I told you I cried as I checked her suitcase?

I already miss them. 

Dan had to take them without me this morning- with the air show being this weekend I just couldn't not be at work today.  But my heart?  It's on it's way to camp with my family.

Gonna be a long week.  Can't wait to see them this weekend.  I stuffed the camera into Dan's hands as they left, I'm hoping for some pictures for tomorrow.

I'm going to go get my shower and get on with my day.  And cry.

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