Tuesday, April 3, 2012

THIS makes me mad- lets plan a revolt

This is a photo that was with an ad for Udder Cover- a nursing cover up thingy.  Genius?  Yes- this product would have been welcome when I had nursing infants.  But realistic picture?  No.

Although it's been a day or two since I had a newborn, I faintly remember what it was like.  So allow me to point out the problems with this photograph:
Her hair is done.  Not just brushed and in a ponytail, but done- as in at a salon with a current hair do and highlights.  As if.

She has on make up.  And not just chapstick and yesterdays mascara.  Real honest to goodness makeup with foundation and blush.  Probably lip liner too.

She is visiting with girlfriends.  Fellow girlfriends who are model gorgeous with their done hair and perfect make up.  There is not a single stitch of time with a newborn for that kind of craziness.

Her collar bones are perfect.  That just upsets me.

They are all just too happy and well rested looking.  No new mother with a nursing baby looks that happy.  I mean they are 'happy' because they have that beautiful baby.  But they are physically and emotionally a giant train wreck.  Their hair is falling out by the handful, their nipples are bleeding, their stomach is giggly (does she look like a giggly stomached momma????), their hormones are wreaking havoc and their kitchens are a mess.

I remember sleeping for no more than 2 hours at a time- for 14 months straight.  I remember forgetting to brush my teeth in the morning because I couldn't remember what time of day it was.  I remember having milk soaking through my bra, pad liner and shirt.............at church.  I remember trying to go to the grocery for the first time alone and having to nurse the baby on the bench at the front of the check outs and actually using my shopping cart as a shield.  I remember having milk dripping on my feet as I walked to the restroom in the middle of the night.  I remember pumping forever to make a small baggie of milk for the freezer and then spilling it on my way to the kitchen.........and crying over it like it was my best friend who just walked out on me.  I remember wearing the same clothes for 2 days straight because there simply wasn't time to change them.

There just isn't anything glamorous about all that.

They need more real pictures so they won't make all the poor tired milking mommas feel bad.  It's just a thought.

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Anji said...

I agree! If anyone tells me breast feeding is as easy as falling off a log I would punch them.

Does she really need to hide feeding time from her girlfriends?