Thursday, April 5, 2012

For crying out loud

I am having a rough week.  And I am cranky.

The end.

Except it's not the end because I have something I have to get off my chest.

Children are short- it's by design.  Otherwise, if they came out full size, not only would our who-ha's hurt a whole lot, they would be hard to get in and out of a crib.  Just sayin'.

Today I was leaving a store (Target- duh!) and preparing to back out of my parking space. I looked behind my car, looked in both mirrors, looked back again, and then I put the car in reverse and ever so gently took my foot off of the brake and slooooowly began to roll backwards from in between the two huge vans I was parked in between.

Just then, a woman appeared behind my car and I pressed lightning fast back down on the brake.  Her three little short kids were right behind my van, walking ahead of her.  Had I not seen her head, I might have backed over one of them. 

Now I know what you are thinking, she grabbed their little hands, scolded them for not being closer to her, lifted a thank you to God for keeping her little chicks safe and flashed a quick apology smile to me.

Except she didn't.

That woman rolled her head around on her shoulders and held up a hand to me as though commanding me to stop.  Then she continued to casually stroll on past my car through the parking lot with her three LITTLE children toddling on up ahead of her as she munched on popcorn and strutted herself and her bad attitude toward their car.

I wanted to run her over, just to prove that I could.  Then I wanted to tell her off, which I should probably do before I run her over.  Except I am not one for confrontation.  I will generally allow people to walk all over me before I will finally stand up for myself.  At school, if someone said they wanted to fight me, my heart raced and my elbows went weak.  They still do.  They are right now at the thought of jumping out of my car and demanding that sorry excuse for a mother grab the hands of her children.

When did we stop holding our childrens hands people?  When did parking lots stop being incredibly dangerous places?  When did our world quit parenting our children?


Now- that's The End.


mary said...


Sharon said...

Amen to that, Mynde -- I see it all the time and want to jump out of the van and do some damage to those Moms....but you know what, there are people out there who just can't learn and let me tell you, had you hit one of her kids, she would've INSTANTLY been Super Protecto Mother Superior and sued you for everything you and Dan have. Yes --------HOLD THEIR DAMNED HANDS!!

Anji said...

I saw one like that the other day. Just yelling for her little one to come to her. Why didn't she explain or make an effort to move her out of the way of the bus. She depended on the bus driver to look after he little girl. Had she been closer he wouldn't have seen her.

(perhaps they don't really want their children)

I don't like car parks. my Grandad was run over and killed in one when I was 5 years old

Mynde said...

Oh Anji- how aweful to hear about your grandpa!! I'm so sorry.

Mary and Mom- we should get together and march around parking lots and tell people how to parent their children. I think it would go over well??

Halala Mama said...

There is no excuse for letting your kids loose in parking lots. None. I do the most interesting calisthenic reaches and stretches to catch my kid before we go into the lot. She can too.