Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Amazing Grace

We had a program this week at our church.  It was called FREAC night.  I forget what that stook for- but it was fun.  This particular night was a family night (probably what the F stood for) for middle & high school families.  And it was awesome.

The middle and high school bands performed- I felt like I was at a rock concert.  Kids were dancing and singing and jumping and laughing- and they were all worshiping.  Together. 

We are new to this church.  We don't have a church 'family' here yet- but as I looked around at all the families who are also raising children, I felt comfort and peace.  For whatever reason, God needed us to be here.  And we were faithful, despite the pain and discomfort that it has caused.  And I rest in peace knowing that He needs us to be here.

There were funny skits, there was dinner, there was dessert, there was crazy chalk drawing on the tables, and there were two stories or short plays the kids acted out.  They spoke to my heart.
I wish I would have brought my good camera- but here is a snap from my phone.

The first boy- the one in the middle came out with a piece of poster board that read "What lies are you believing?".
And then one by one, the kids came out with a sign that had different strongholds listed. 
Liar.  Fat.  Stupid.  Ugly.  Worthless. 
Then- four fathers went up one by one, each holding a sign that read something they had learned through their faith. 
Jesus loves me.
Jesus gave me courage to live.
Jesus makes me strong.
Jesus died to forgive me.

And with each sign held up, the kids ripped their sign in half.

The family minister gave a short sermon that was given for the encouragement of us as parents, and for them as kids.  And it was powerful.

I was crying.  Mothers were crying.  Fathers were crying.

I know God needed me to hear what He was saying.

Parenting is not easy.  And now that Allyson is growing into a young woman, it is even harder.  She feels lost, abandoned by some of her friends, confused, she is struggling to find her 'place'.  And so am I.

Purposeful Parenting- that was what he spoke about.

I can do this.  But only through His grace.


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I feel blessed to have you as the mother of my children. I love that this program brought tears to your eyes. And Amen that we need God's grace and guidance.