Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Morning!

 Before heading out for church, the kids woke up to hunt easter eggs and see what the bunny had filled their baskets with. 
 I felt such an overwhelming sense of peace and joy on Easter morning.
 To celebrate Christ.  To have my children hunting eggs (happily) together.  To be safe and in our home with all five of us.  It just was such a wonderful morning.
The rawhide bone is not for emily- it was left for Rosie.  I could tell you were worrying.
 The way the sun was shining into our living room was such a blessing to my heart.  It just reinforced the joy I was feeling. 
 And I loved watching the kids look through their baskets of goodies.
 And hearing the excitement to see what kind of chocolates, beans and toys they had been left.
We didn't pick out fancy new outfits this year.  We all have so much, nothing was really needed.  I left the kids to their own devices and we all put on something 'nice' and went to church to worship as a family.  And by 'left the kids to their own devices' I mean I totally helped steer their choices- otherwise emily would be wearing a yellow t-shirt with a monster face on it and sweat pant shorts and sam would have had on a lego batman shirt.  So see- this really is nice.  We were running late (of course) so I snapped a quick picture in the living room instead of on the front porch.  I already regret not getting my front porch easter morning picture.  dang.
 The easter bunny also left a nice tennis ball shaped easter egg in Rosies tummy.
Either that or she has a hernia from her recent surgery.  Poor little thing, back to the vet we go this morning- she'll no doubt have to have another surgery and then I have to try to figure out how to keep her calm so that she doesn't do this again.

That is- unless it really is just an easter egg.

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