Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sucks big donkey bugs

I try not to become too overcome by material things. 

That is not to say I don't treasure things for sentimental reasons.  Give me one of my babies newborn outfits or a preschool spring play dress and I totally could bury my head in them and cry.  But not because of the name brand or the particular store they came from.

Typically I try to stay clear of all that.  My coach purse aside.  Mind you- I would have never purchased it because they are a tad on the expensive side.  My husband bought it for a present, now it has sentimental value.  See?

Anyway.  The point it, I fell in love with that little orange beetle bug my husband drove home last month.  FELL.IN.LOVE.  It was fun to drive, cute, a convertible..........and bright freakin orange.  LOVED IT.

Yesterday, we had to give it back to the dealership.  That car was very very sick, sicker than we could handle (hello failing transmission- $5000).  And the dealer was so very very generous to try and fix the problem and then offer to just buy it back.

Which was truly a blessing that I believe God was delivering.

But I still wanted to wrap my arms around the wheels and cry my eyes out.


Everytime I would see it in our drive way, or that I would get to drive it, I would think how I couldn't believe it was ours.  How super cool it was that we had such a fun car.  Not only that fit our needs, was economical, but so cute and fun.  Did I mention it was fun?  My mini van is not fun.  It's nice.  But not fun.  Unless having french fries ground into the door tracks is fun.  Which it is not.

Dan and I went out on a date Saturday, in our the super cool little car.  Just so that we could remember doing it before we pick out another car to replace it with.  Something economical, cheap, good gas mileage..........and uncool.
Goodbye little beautiful fabulous car.  Thanks for stopping by.


Sharon said...

Mynde, when I win the Publishers Clearning House drawing on May 31st, I will buy you a brand new little orange VW convertible:)


Anji said...

I'm sorry. Perhaps something just as good might come your way (without transmission problems).

Mynde said...