Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

I sincerely hope you have a blessed and Happy Easter.  Easter is certainly a very special day for my family as we celebrate the gift that Jesus freely gave for you and for me. 
Because of Him, we are forgiven.
  Because of Him, our lives have hope. 
Because of Him, this life is bearable.
I am so thankful for Jesus the Christ.
 (Easter Cookies I made thinking I would share them with our neighbors and friends.  Except they took FOREVER to roll out, cut out, and decorate- and it only produced 16 pittiful little cookies.  So instead we will just keep them and let the kids fight over eating them. 
Note to self- I need a bunny shaped cookie cutter.
 Our colored Easter Eggs.
Jello Eggs- a tradition in our home.  This is instead what we ended up sharing with the neighbors.  They are kind of like the Hot Cross Buns of 2012.


Anji said...

Happy Easter to you too.

I've never seen Jello Eggs before...

Sharon said...

I have bunny cookie cutters Mynde -- you may pick the ones you want!!
Your egg cookies are beautiful!!


Mynde said...

Jello eggs are awesome! There are molds in the grocery around Easter for free when you buy 35,642 boxes of jello. I might be exhagerating.