Thursday, June 19, 2008

36, 37, 38!

It's official, Dan is 38. Yesterday was his birthday, and without much fanfare or excitement (except in our little hole in the world) it came and went. As a special bonus, he received a middle of the night call and had to go into work for a bonus 12 hour day. So needless to say, he was tired and just a smidge grumpy (:), but we still got to enjoy a fun dinner out, a group of waiters we don't know singing some goofy song- which brought delight to our small ones- and a homemade cake like-none-other at home. We made a triple layer wedding type cake, so that each child could personally decorate a portion. Wow, it would be my suggestion (and wish) that the manufacturers of those pretty colored sprinkles would make the holes smaller to prevent the tidal wave of mess that I later got to embrace. None the less, a wonderful day with a wonderful man who is progressively getting older- strange that I continue to remain untouched by the years : )- I will take this moment to say that I am thankful for each and every minute that our gracious Lord has given to Dan and I, and the entire hairball of our world, as long as we get to try and unravel it together. He is a good man, a wonderful husband and a goofy,loving father- we are a lucky bunch to have him in our world! Even if he was grumpy on his birthday!
Today holds laundry (and more laundry, and still yet probably more laundry), a trip to the store to look for boots for Allyson-which will probably prove to be a challenge considering its June-, and packing for Allyson and Dans fun weekend geocaching/camping adventure this weekend, Oh! and I almost forgot, OUTSIDE as Sam as been screaming since 8:30am hanging from the front door. Should we not get that young man out there for at least a couple hours, his entire world will come crashing down. And, apparently (I just found out) I need to vacume as they (the three little ones) just dumped out an entire box of dog treats for our entirely too-big-already beagle (no one tell our vet- he is supposed to be on a diet). If I were focusing on them, and not this silly blog update (which I am enjoying) perhaps I could have prevented that, so I suppose I bought and paid for that one. Did I mention adding the gym to the list, I'm going to need a moment to release some stress, I can see it coming. Oh, and painting- Emily just produced herself (as Allyson just made her leave the dog treat room disaster)- so now she thinks we should paint. So there you go- laundry, shopping, packing, laundry, OUTSIDE, laundry, dog treat vacuming, gym, painting, laundry, dinner, baths, laundry, bed. A day in the life of us- wouldn't trade it for the world (but I wouldn't mind a housekeeper- should there be one who would donate her services!)

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