Saturday, June 21, 2008

Only the lonely....

Well, I suppose we're not that lonely, but it is different. Different around here, in our part of the world (this little bitty little bitty part of the world) without Dan and Allyson. They are gone on a father daughter camping trip- real camping, not the camping with Grandma and Grandpa's RV, but real, rugged tent camping with coolers and sleeping bags, bug repelant and ponchos (not to worry- bath houses and electric as well)- and tons of geocaching with a group of folks. I'm certain they will have a wonderful time, I just hope that the rain I keep hearing about gives them a break and doesn't show itself. They called this morning, they said that sleeping was chilly and my goofy husband left a bag of cheetos on the picnic table overnight, which a racoon found extremely enjoyable! Allyson was thrilled that they got to see a racoon that close, so I suppose that part is cool! But I take no responsibility for the cholesterol level of that tiny woods creature!

So that just leaves us, here without Dan and Allyson. We miss them, but we are having our own kind of fun. Right now, the anticipation of Joseph (their cousin's) arrival is about to eat them up. We have several hours of pure run around the yard fun planned with him today, and Sam woke up asking when Joseph would get here (he doesn't forget much, I tell ya!) So now for some pictures, just cause I'm feeling a little goofy!

My little man, he was crying like crazy, I knelt down and said smile- and he did!

The view from my front door (the one on the left is not mine by the way!) Emily made a snack and there they sat to enjoy it.

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And lastly, many thanks to Miss Rebecca for sharing her chocolate buttercream frosting recipe with me- Emily thought it was delightful!

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