Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not much to report

Not much to report here. This week is vacation bible school, which is always a treat and something that helps us to officially declare that it is summer! There is nothing like spending a week praising the Lord, making crafts, singing silly songs and meeting new people (and my kids enjoy my lack of planning and fast food for dinner almost every night- I am ashamed to admit! Not tonight- tonight I will be better.)

Today we don't have much planned other than fighting, apparently. Sam is currently riding a princess scooter around the living room, Emily is on the deck trying to recover from the bite Sam just gave her, and Allyson is hogging the front of the TV creating more screaming issued from two other ones who also want to have the front row seat. Mean bad mom just declared no more TV (but it was more like NO MORE TV, GO PLAY!) Aggggggh!

And now for pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with any of that:

Lew, our well loved-overgrown beaglewho apparently feels he's human, rather than dog.
Allyson is really getting good with the piano. She is also very disciplined in practicing, which is why she is getting so good. And Sam, he is like a metronome with blonde hair- he just sits next to her and says "1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,", well- you get the picture.Last night was Emily's last ballet class. While in snapping this picture, I heard her teacher ask them all to balance on one foot. Then I heard Emily say, in her gravely little voice, "I will just stand on two feet, it's too hard on one foot". Oh the patience this small group of girls must have taught their 15 year old teacher...........

With all the strength I have to muster, we will now go and get dressed. Sounds easy, not as easy as it sounds though I must say. Emily will only wear swim suits, apparently, which is fine as long as she will just put one on. Sam prefers to be naked, so presenting him with any clothing at all requires chasing him around and dressing him while he wiggles and screams. Unless, of course, his Thomas t-shirt is clean (please, please, please let it be clean). And Allyson doesn't want to wear anything too 'girly', but she will dress herself. It's just the battle over barrettes in her hair that we go through, I want one to hold her bangs out of her eyes- she doesn't.

So I close with this thought: If a bag of chocolates costs $5, why on earth would it be acceptable for the nutrition label to list "Serving size- 3 chocolates, number of servings per package- approximately 4"? $5 for 12 chocolates, don't you think it should be dang near exactly all 12 chocolates in that small little bag?

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