Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yak Yak Yak

I have nothing nothing repeat nothing exciting to report from my neck of the woods. So I will bother you with some more complaining, I wouldn't want to disappoint : )

Today we have Sam's stitches removed, yeah. But we could only get a 9am appointment, booo. Don't these office people know early morning appointments are MURDER?

My husband is back on nights. Of course he is, as it is now crunch time at the air show and I really need to be there as much as possible.

The dog appears to have lost complete control of himself during the night, what a way to wake up. Please don't let this poor dog be sick, he has to make it to doggie obedience at the fair this summer with Allyson.

My house is filthy. It's a filthy wreck. It's a filthy, messy, wreck. Whatever.

The doctor upped my medicine that makes me feel like a nervous wreck that can't sit down. Maybe that will take care of the messy house thing. I hope this side effect goes away.

I did manage to loose 4 pounds. 4 pounds in two weeks. Yuck. At least it was something, but I do wish it were more. Heck, I could gain 4 pounds in about 20 minutes so I suppose it doesn't seem like much of a victory.

On the upside, I slept with my hair in a bun and now this morning I have these beautiful bouncy curls like a movie star. So me and my 'lucious' hair are going to go to the pediatricians office now. And then, possibly to Meijer. I'm crazy like that.

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