Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Lady Buckeye

Here she is, our little globe trotter. Sad to say, her basketball days are probably over for a while, thanks to her new broken foot. But regardless- here are some 'action' shots from last weeks game (taken by none other than Miss Emily):

Of course, when you surrender your camera to a 5 year old in an effort to entertain them, they can't all be of the game, or even anything really......................................
The ceiling
Fellow buckeye mom and friend (based on the 23 pictures emily took of her, probably a bit perturbed of a friend that my kid was constantly snapping her picture- I would guess)


Perturbed friends other kid

And yes- even Sam

1 comment:

Ronda said...

She looked like a pro out there...always next year, I suppose.

I broke my arm in the fourth grade and missed my chance at super buddy ball (basketball) stardom. But I came back in the fifth grade and won a 100% award -- which basically means, You tried, but you stink at basketball. Please don't play again. Ahh, memories.