Friday, February 6, 2009

Might I just say......................

This week has turned out NOTHING like I planned.

For a week that started off with not much on the calendar, it sure has been a busy one. I feel like I am running in circles, with not much of a break in site.

Dan switched to nights the week. Yuck. But I am grateful for his job. So many are without work right now, that I feel guilty complaining.

But I will anyway.

Ally's broken foot has made a laid back week more busy. In fact, we are back to the cast clinic this morning because the cast is hurting her. Then when you tack in being a 'single mom', work, emily's school, and this crazy new medicine I'm on making me feel light a nutjob- well, let's just say AHHHAHAHAHHHHHHHGH!

I'm just tired I suppose. And I'm tired of picking up the same things 43 times a day, washing the same clothes twice a week, washing towels, cooking, it's all just regular stuff but this week it feels like too much. Plus I still have loads of stuff to take to the laundry mat, thanks to Sam and his uncontrollable puking and pooping. I just feel like a mess.

But it's Friday. There is always next week I suppose : )

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