Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mothers have 'the gift'

Picture it- my back yard.  My mother has come for a visit.  We are on the back deck, children playing on the swing set barking out 'Mamaw- watch this' every 42 seconds (give or take).  My mother and I are chatting about my poor placement of my garden and how she is going to just do it herself next year so it will be 'right'.  Her attention moves to my flower bed.

Mom:  So thats a beautiful bird bath.
Me:  Thanks, I just love it.  I found it at a garage sale of all the crazy places.
Mom:  Really?  It's just so beautiful.
Me:  Yes- but the top is broken off.  But it still works and is pretty.
Mom:  Yes, it sure is pretty.
Mom:  So........where are you going to put it?

Only a mother can give and take back a compliment like that.


Carrie said...

Thanks for the laugh. =)

The Smiling Mommy said...

HAHA!! Ohhh man, gotta love it!! I completely appreciate this post. So relatable!!! For what it's worth, it's beautiful, placement and ALL!!


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