Monday, July 16, 2012

The art of watering

There are definate rules to watering a garden.  Especially when you live in the Mid-West and are experiencing a huge draught.  But that is neither here nor there I suppose.  Because the plants, they need the water regardless. 

But you can not wait until the sun is beating down on them.  Although I'm certain they are dry and thirsty and in need of water- you can't water them then.  You must wait until they are through the worst of the heat, until the sun rays are not longer burning directly into them.

And sometimes the plants get so dry that they begin to wilt and lay.  Not because I didn't WANT to throw water on them all day long, but because I need them to send their roots just a little deeper.  To search for their own water. To make them a bit stronger in the long run.

But when you do water them, you have to be careful not to soak the leaves.  It must be a gentle misting that goes at the rate that the soil can absorb the water.  Too much and it creates a river and runs away from the plants roots.  Too little, and it isn't even received by the plant.  Just a soft gentle shower.

I feel like it is the same when it comes to God's lessons.  We are the plants, he is the gardener.  His goal is to help us to bear good fruit, to provide the circumstances to grow us.  We must remain strong and healthy, send our roots deep, stay upright when life is scortching us, and receive His love when he gently showers it on us.........long after the trial has gone.  Stay faithful in knowing that He is near and is watching and is ready to wash us.

I have never felt His love so strongly in my life.  I am a blessed woman, and I am thankful that I get to know His love.


The Smiling Mommy said...

I Love the analogy! It makes perfect awesome sense. Love it! I saw your comment on my blog and wanted to thank you for that. So sweet, and very uplifting. I would be happy to share my weight loss journey with you, it was really pretty simple, I just stopped all the late night eating, and ate smaller portions, but didn't deprive myself of anything at all. Once it started to come off it got easier and easier b/c I was not as hungry as I continued on. That's the just of it, but I'd be happy to share more, and am thinking about making a blog post on it as well. I think the hardest part is going to be this next 35 pounds to reach my goal. It's coming off much slower now. Anyway, just wanted to stop and say hi beautiful! Have a great week!!! Smiles!! Amy

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