Thursday, November 5, 2009


Life is exhausting.

Life with children and a husband is super exhausting.

In an effort to get some time to myself, I've concocted this little plan. It involves my gallbladder, a surgeon, and two days of narcotic induced sleep. And I'm all over it.

Selfish. How very selfish of me. Although, in reality, I had nothing to do with it. But looking this forward to surgery is a bit selfish.

However, with the date of tomorrow now looming over my head, I am becoming a bit scared.

Perhaps it's because the people at the surgery center can't comprehend how to bill my two insurance companies. How on earth are they not going to kill me, when they can't sort through the paperwork?

Regardless, I am to be there bright an early tomorrow so they can rip out this little trouble maker and send me on my merry way.

So, in preparation, I must clean this house of ours, stock some food for all these yahoos to eat over the weekend, and hack the forest off my legs. Because- if they do manage to do me in- I don't want anyone glancing into my casket and seeing that I have neglected shaving for a couple days, more like weeks.

But should the doctor be able to perform this 'piece of cake' and keep me alive, my evil genious plan for rest will come to fruition and I will be able to lock myself in my bedroom with a giant bag of peanut m&m's, the remote and some freshly laundered sheets until Monday morning. That is the plan.

And I am pathetic.

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Ronda said...

I think it's genius of you to get the gall bladder to go bad at this point in your life. I wasted mine back when I only had two kids. Now I've had to resort to migranes to get a bit of time by myself in my comfy bed. Now, THAT'S pathetic.