Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Lunch Date

My favorite spot in the universe for lunch is at school with Allyson. As the little ones have gotten older, it has become easier- although balancing three school trays is nothing short of a miracle. Even so, I love to step into allyson's world, sit at the 'special' table, eat my chicken nuggets with honey and use a spork. It is always an awesome lunch date.

And today was my last lunch date with a third grader. They are closing the cafeteria to visitors through the end of the year in an effort to order only the food they need. So the next time I sit in for lunch, it will be with my forth grader- Lord willing. Not to mention it will be inside of the brand new school. Yikes- next year offers so many changes.

On our way to the school office, we were tagging along behind a kindergarten class. They looked so little, so cute, so chubby and independant- marching along in perfect order on their way to wherever kindergarteners go. And I looked over, and Emily had gotten into line with them. You bet your boots I snatched her right back into reality- not yet my love. Just let me savor these last few months before I turn you over to complete and total strangers and the public school system. I need her to be my baby for just a smidgy more. And I need to begin preparing myself for the Fall when I let her go begin her elementary school adventure. 'sniff'


Sharon said...

Yes, I remember that feeling Mynde -- no matter how much you pull them back to your side, they always seem to charge on to find their OWN path and at times that is not always the path you would choose for them........and so, Mom, you sigh -- wipe the tear -- and begin to learn to follow and guide. And now, my wonderful daughter, begins your true learning experience.

The upside with Emily is, however, that outside influences from those 'strangers' will be hard put to make a dent in that little one's thought processesLOL


Ronda said...

Just think...when we get all these hooligans into their proper schools, we can have real lunch dates. I'm envisioning real plates, silverware and occasionally a cloth napkin or maybe even a table cloth.

Feeling better?