Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Perfect Day

Yesterday was going to be the perfect day.  Until it wasn't.

Let me tell you, don't go planning perfect days.  They have to just happen on their own.

Homeschooling has its challenges.  Keeping to a schedule is one of them.  And last week we had so much 'fun' stuff scheduled we may have not gotten to our schoolwork like we should have. 

So this week, I was determined to not allow that to happen.  Up by 8:30, school at 9.  I warned everybody multiple times over the weekend.  And at 9 me and my sleepy kids were at the table doing our devotions.  Then it was time to crack open our backpacks and hit the books.

Ally and Sam both said they would be right back, their packs were in the van.  You know, the van that Dan dropped off at the service center early this morning.


We improvised.  We left for the library with a borrowed algebra book to run copies of assignments and check out a new To Kill A Mockinbird bird.  Throw in a couple fish books and a leaf guide book and we had enough material to get on with our day.

So by 11:30 we were back around the table ready to get cracking.  Except it was lunch time.  And on it goes until we finally wrapped up school at 2:30.  Which is a far cry from 11 when I planned to finish and clean my house.

My house that I had a dream I woke up to sparkling clean, even the kitchen counters.  Which was OBVIOUSLY just a dream.....
Today is another day, take two!

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