Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pollo is chicken in Spanish

So you know two of our three chickens turned out to be roosters.  Which totally explains the lack of fresh laid eggs going on around here.  And still makes me giggle to think we trudged through the snow all winter and strung heating lamps in sub zero temps (where my nose hairs froze just walking water to them several times a day) for absolutely nothing. 
Two roosters and one hen is a recipe for disaster.  They really do fight to try and be the top dog.....or rooster in this situation.  So we found a home for one- and not a 'home' where he would be baked, broiled or fried.  An actual coop with a dozen chickens to tend.  The kids picked Pollo to leave our coop and that we would keep Kevin Spike.

One rainy morning, because only weiners capture chickens on beautiful sunshiny days, we chased pollo around for an hour with a stick and a plastic tub until we finally cornered him and trapped him inside.
Trust me when I say this is how all of the big time chicken farmers transport their chickens. 

Because we were concerned about air, we left the lid cracked.  And then the kids and I drove 20 very long minutes worried an angry rooster was going to emerge from behind the seat and peck our eyes out- which didn't thankfully happen.

So long Pollo, I already miss you!!!  But I'm sure you are loving your new digs!

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