Friday, March 27, 2015


This sweet girl came to us by chance just about three years ago.  She stumbled I to our lives and filled a void we didn't even know we had.

And tomorrow, we will deliver her to her new home.  And that void will be ripped wide open and leave me raw and exposed.

Recent testing has revealed that the majority of Ally's breathing problems (and truth be known, probably Emily's too) come from a severe dog allergy.  All the dog shampoos, vacuuming and purifiers can't change the fact that she can't live here anymore.

My head totally knows.
It's my heart that just can't comprehend.

Tonight as we settle in for the last time with this sweet girl, I can't stop the tears. And the heaviness in my chest is sucking the air right from my lungs.

I never planned to love this dog.  She wasn't the right size, breed or color.  Nothing about her was what I envisioned for our pet.  But she has become my sweet companion.  Always with me, on my feet at dinner, on between my legs on the couch, at the gate when we tend chickens and always lying along side me in bed.

The hole she will leave in this house is already overwhelming me.  I will so miss this sweet dog.

Praying for provision and peace that only He can provide for my family. And for my Rosie.


Anji Knutsen said...

That is so sad. I hope that you found a good home for her and that you're feeling a little better now. Time heals.

Sharon said...

Unfortunately life spins maddeningly on and we go along with it but that hole they leave never quite heals. She is such a good girl and I'm just praying she understands and is adjusting

Financial Trading Seminar said...

He surely is family. I remember my Luzy. It is so beautiful how they can change your life forever.