Monday, October 22, 2012

Really still here

Wow- it does seem that this blog is dying a slow death.  For so many years, the ones sprinkled with tiny children and a house that we rarely left, it was my lifeline.  I could not wait to update it almost every single day- and sometimes twice a day.  I dreamed of some huge company 'finding' my little blog and I could make a career out of being a writer.

And now?  Now I can barely muster the energy to update it.  What's up with that? 

It's not that there haven't been super fun exciting moments in our family.  Ally turned 13.  We went to the pumpkin patch before October 31.  I almost murdered my whole family trying to prepare to leave for vacation.  So what's going on?

I'm not sure if this funk will ever snap- but if it does, I'll be spilling my 'funny' (aka- super strange sense of humor) all over this here blog.

On a sidenote- we are back from our journey.  It will be a loooooooong time before I agree to that kind of car ride again.


Anji said...

I know that up and down feeling. Enjoy life!

Anonymous said...

i got one sentence for my birthday this year. thanks mom, thanks a lot-_-

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